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Classic Design French Press, 22oz or 34oz, Black handle

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A classic French Press in two different sizes. Choose from 2.5 cups (20oz) or 3 cups (24 oz) - Heat proof borosilicate glass with stainless steel chrome plated frame and black handle. Stainless steel plunging mechanism. BPA free. 

Loose leaf tea presses - A versatile accessory, French presses can be used to steep both loose leaf tea and coffee. They are built solid so they don't tip or drop, making them a great use at your desk, kitchen, or anywhere else. Great for steeping and re-steeping 1, 2, or 3 cups of loose leaf tea. 

How we use it:

After steeping a cup of, oh let's say a delicious cup of Milk Oolong or Dragon Pearls , we pour our cup of tea and leave the loose tea leaves in the French press. We can come back to it later for a second steeping, and third, and so on.