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Skinny Cinnamon Roll Tea - Oolong & Yerba Mate (High Caffeine)

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We've all walked by a Cinnabon and floated to their toasty, buttery, ooey gooey smell, but felt guilty about the sugar intake. Look no further than this guilt-free pleasure.

Our newest tea blend, Skinny Cinnamon Roll, will satisfy your sweet tooth while firing up your metabolism. Skinny Cinnamon Roll is our blend of oolong, ginger, apple, and senna leaf. It combines green tea with yerba mate for a caffeine punch, and pairs with dandelion root, cinnamon, natural creme brulee and cinnamon flavors, as well as a pinch of orange, beautifully accented with Spanish safflower. The combination of these ingredients will increase your metabolic rate, thus helping curb your cravings and igniting your metabolism. This tea is a perfect addition to your fitness routine and overall health ritual. 

Our Skinny Cinnamon Roll loose leaf tea is available in 1.5 oz bags.