About Tucson Tea Company

A Return to Southern Arizona

Founded in Southern Arizona over 15 yeas ago, Thunder Mountain Tea was named after the beautiful Huachuca Mountains. Huachuca, the Apache word for "thunder mountain," inspired the name. Locals certainly understand how the mountain earned this title, with its surrounding canyons amplifying the monsoon's thunderous roar.

The company made its way North where it settled in Idaho and remained in operation there for years. The delicious small-batch blends have since reached thousands of tea drinkers throughout the country.

Its founder, an avid tea aficionado and talented writer, decided to dedicate her energy to her original passion and has entrusted us with the honor of continuing her legacy.

As the founder stated, "It only seems fitting that Thunder Mountain Tea would return to Southern Arizona where the idea was originally hatched."

The company, now named Tucson Tea Co., has expanded its existing collection of flavors, creating new blends to excite any palate while maintaining your favorite original small-batch blends.

We have also redesigned our website and packaging, paying homage to the birthplace of the company while keeping sustainability in mind.

We are excited to tackle this new adventure and maintain what is so special about all of your favorite blends, continuing the founder's 15 year legacy of creating exceptional teas.