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Rock Sugar Crystals (8 ounce resealable pouch)

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Tea Type: Infusions possible:

Ingredients: Beet sugar crystals

Rock Sugar Crystals (8 ounce resealable pouch)

Rock sugar, also known as rock candy, is a type of crystallized sugar that is commonly used as a sweetener for tea. Unlike regular granulated sugar, rock sugar is made by slowly heating a sugar and water mixture until it forms crystals. These crystals are then harvested and formed into small, irregularly shaped pieces.

One of the main reasons that rock sugar is preferred for use with loose-leaf tea is because it dissolves slowly, releasing a subtle sweetness that does not overpower the delicate flavors of the tea. This slow dissolution also allows for a more controlled sweetness level, allowing tea drinkers to adjust the sweetness to their liking without having to worry about an overpowering sweetness.

Another benefit of using rock sugar with loose-leaf tea is that it can be easily added to the tea leaves during the brewing process. Unlike regular sugar, which can clump and settle at the bottom of the cup, rock sugar can be added to the tea infuser or directly to the teapot, ensuring even distribution and a consistent sweetness throughout the tea.

Our Rock Sugar comes in an 8 ounce resealable pouch.

Steeping Instructions: Use Steep for
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