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Petite Porcelain Teapot and Two Cup Set

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Petite Porcelain Teapot and Two Cup Set

Introducing our Petite Porcelain Teapot and Two Cup Set, a timeless selection from China designed to enchant any tea enthusiast, whether a beginner or an aficionado. This elegant set features a 4 oz teapot and two 2 oz cups, all finished in a pristine, all-white porcelain that exudes simplicity and grace. The delicate craftsmanship reflects the centuries-old traditions of Chinese porcelain artistry, making it a sophisticated addition to your tea collection.

Perfect for those cherished moments of tranquility or sharing a warm cup with a friend, this set is ideally sized to ensure each sip of tea is enjoyed in its most concentrated and aromatic form. The teapot's sleek design and smooth contours not only make it a joy to use but also a beautiful piece to display.

Suitable for a wide range of teas, from fragrant whites to robust blacks, this set promises to elevate your tea drinking experience, making it an exquisite gift or a treasured personal treat. Embrace the art of tea with this exquisite porcelain set, and let each brew transport you to the serene landscapes of its Chinese heritage.

Size:   Pot: 3"dia. x 2-1/2"h (4 oz)
Cup: 2-3/4"dia. x 1-1/2"h (2 oz)
Color: White
Material: Blanc-de-Chine Porcelain
Origin: China


Steeping Instructions: Use Steep for
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