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Porcelain Plum Teapot with 4 Cups

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Porcelain Plum Teapot with 4 Cups

Delight in the serene beauty of our Porcelain Plum Teapot Set, featuring a teapot and four cups, all in a soothing celadon blue hue adorned with a plum tree design. This set, inspired by the tranquil landscapes of East Asia, symbolizes resilience and renewal through its delicate artwork. With the teapot holding 8 oz and each cup 2 oz, it's perfect for quiet reflections or sharing a warm brew with friends.

Made from premium porcelain, the set combines functionality with artistry, making it a beautiful addition to any tea ceremony or home decor. The celadon blue, rich in ceramic heritage, beautifully offsets the plum tree motif, bringing a natural serenity to your tea moments.

This Porcelain Plum Teapot with 4 Cups set is a must-have for tea lovers and those who appreciate the subtle interplay of form and color, offering a tranquil backdrop to every cup poured.

Size: 1"w x 1-1/2"d x 5-1/2"h
Capacity: 8 oz.
Color: Celadon Blue
Material: Porcelain

Steeping Instructions: Use Steep for
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