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Bounty Hibiscus Tisane (Caffeine-Free)

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Bounty - One of our most popular tisanes, delicious hot or cold! 

Hibiscus has a flavor similar to cranberries. Our special blend of ginger, lemon peel, spearmint, and peppermint give it a nice overall smooth flavor.

This ruby-red beverage called hibiscus tea in English-speaking countries is called Agua de Jamaica (water of Jamaica) in Mexico, where it is widely available in restaurants and from street vendors. We spice it up with spearmint, peppermint, citrus, and ginger to add body and reduce any tartness hibiscus leaves produce.

We offer Bounty in 1.5 oz and 3 oz sizes. This tisane is caffeine free. 

Brewing Iced Tea:

If brewing as an iced tea, we recommend cold brewing it in the fridge overnight for 9-12 hours in an iced tea filter pitcher. The flavor will be smooth and delicious. Check out our post on making great iced tea every time.

Part of our iced tea collection