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Cafecito - Coffee Flavored Black Tea (Caffeine)

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A coffee lover’s delight, Cafecito tea is a blend of Ceylon black loose leaf tea, coffee flavor, and other flavors. It is ideal for the coffee drinker who needs less caffeine with all the flavor and no acidity to upset the stomach. 

Perfect your Cafecito to your taste with milk, sugar, cream, or all of the above! Pour over ice or chill overnight for a cool, refreshing pick me up without the jitters or crash from coffee. 

This tea contains caffeine. 

We offer Cafecito in 1.5 oz and 4 oz sizes. This tea has caffeine. 

Brewing Iced Tea:

If brewing as an iced tea, we recommend cold brewing it in the fridge overnight for 9-12 hours in an iced tea filter pitcher. The flavor will be smooth and delicious. Check out our post on making great iced tea every time.

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