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Handheld Electric Whisk (Matcha/Milk Frother)

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Enjoy a frothy matcha latte any time with this easy to use electric whisker. Great for blending your matcha drink or frothing milk. 

This handy hand-held electric whisker works with milk of all temperatures, so you don’t need to worry about heating your milk before frothing--create your own cold foam for matcha lattes in seconds. 

Easy to use - No need to struggle with this stress-free whisker. Simply insert the frothing rod, press and hold the button, and watch your milk go from ordinary to foamy.

Battery operated - This milk frother uses two AA batteries instead of clumsy cords, so you can get frothy whenever and wherever you need it--take it with you on trips or even to the office for an elevated matcha experience.

Easy cleaning - Simply rinse the frothing part (not the battery holder) of the appliance with water to remove milk or matcha residue, press and hold the button to spin it quickly to dry, and wipe the battery holder clean with a soft damp cloth. 

Dimensions: 1.25 L x 1.75 W x 8.25 H  

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