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Matcha - Japanese Ceremonial Grade (Caffeine)

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    Ingredients: Gyokuro Green Tea from Kyoto, Japan,  stone-ground to a fine powder.

    Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea

    Ceremonial Matcha green tea - a truly one of a kind experience. A delicious drink brewed hot or cold, ceremonial grade matcha is made from Japanese green tea leaves that are stone-ground to a fine powder. The tea leaves are shaded for weeks before being harvested, thus giving this matcha more sweetness and a richer color than regular matcha. Ceremonial grade matcha, rich in both L-theanine and caffeine, provides you with a boost of calm balanced energy and focus throughout the day.

    Enjoy it hot or cold, and even as a latte. Our ceremonial grade matcha is packaged in air-tight resealable bags to preserve freshness for much longer than tins. 

     1.5 ounces (approx. 40 servings).

     Preparing a cup of Matcha:

    • measure matcha into cup (1/2 teaspoon per 6-8 oz)
    • cover with 1-2 inches warm water
    • whisk until smooth
    • top with steamed or cold milk, or more water

    Our matcha is available in 1.5 oz bags. This tea contains caffeine. 

    Why is Ceremonial Matcha better?

    Ceremonial matcha is a type of matcha green tea that is made from the highest-quality tea leaves and is considered the best grade of matcha. It is called "ceremonial" because it is traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony, a ritual that involves the preparation and serving of matcha tea in a formal setting.

    Ceremonial matcha is characterized by its bright green color, fine texture, and smooth, sweet flavor. It is made from the youngest and most tender tea leaves, which are hand-picked and carefully processed to preserve their quality and flavor. The tea leaves are ground into a fine powder using a stone mill and are sifted to remove any large pieces or clumps.

    Ceremonial matcha is generally more expensive than other grades of matcha because of the high quality of the tea leaves and the labor-intensive process of grinding the tea leaves into a fine powder. It is often used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and is also popular among matcha enthusiasts who appreciate its delicate flavor and health benefits.

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    Steeping Instructions: Use 1/2 teaspoon per 6-8 oz of water175°F (79°C) Steep for Instant
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