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Strawberry Mango Puerh (Caffeine)

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Steeping Instructions:
Use 1 teaspoon per 6-8 oz of water
212°F (100°C) - Boiling
Steep for 3-4 Minutes
Tea Type: Puerh (Aged)
Infusions possible: Up to 10

Ingredients: Puerh black tea, fruit pieces, strawberry and mango flavoring. 

Strawberry Mango Puerh Black Tea (Caffeine) 

Introducing our delightful Strawberry Mango Puerh black tea, a harmonious blend that combines the finest qualities of Puerh tea with the luscious flavors of strawberry and mango. This exquisite tea is crafted using our rich Puerh loose-leaf tea as a base, which has already captivated the hearts of many with our beloved Strawberry Hazelnut blend.

To enhance the flavor experience, we have carefully incorporated real bits of dried fruit, ensuring each sip is a burst of fruity goodness. The essence of ripe strawberries and succulent mangoes is expertly infused into the tea leaves, creating a captivating aroma and a naturally sweet taste that will awaken your senses.

One of the remarkable qualities of this tea is its versatility. You can infuse it up to 10 times, allowing you to fully enjoy multiple cups from a single serving. This exceptional characteristic not only makes it an excellent choice for indulging in a leisurely afternoon tea session but also offers great value for tea enthusiasts.

With each infusion, the flavors of strawberry and mango intertwine elegantly with the deep, full-bodied notes of Puerh tea, resulting in a well-balanced and satisfying cup. The robust character of Puerh tea provides a comforting earthiness, while the bright and tangy flavors of strawberry and mango add a refreshing twist.

Whether you're a black tea lover seeking a new adventure or a fan of fruity teas looking to explore the depth of Puerh, our Strawberry Mango Puerh black tea is an absolute must-try. Its captivating flavors, carefully selected ingredients, and multiple infusion potential make it a delightful addition to your tea collection.

Indulge in the enchanting fusion of flavors, experience the richness of Puerh, and savor the natural sweetness of strawberry and mango with every sip of this remarkable tea. Once you've experienced its unique charm, we're confident you'll be captivated by its irresistible allure.

Puerh is a real energy booster and can be a substitute for coffee.

Our Strawberry Mango Puerh loose-leaf black tea is sold in 1.5 oz and 3 oz bags.